Parenthood, Writing


Since having kids I feel at times as though my brain has gone into hibernation. It’s resting up for when more than just the routine motions of feeding/comforting/playing/and putting to sleep are required.

me-and-roCase-in-point, I’ve been desperate to write a book for years. I’ve started on numerous projects, only to have them fizzle away. It’s not because the story simply isn’t there. It’s because I don’t have the brain capacity to pull anything from my head except for a beginning. But let me tell you, those beginnings are all really great, because I’ve edited them until they’re practically unrecognizable.

My process is this: I start to write, or draw, because lately I’ve been on a children’s book kick. But I feel like I have the attention span of a toddler. Literally something can pop in the house and suddenly I’m reminded that I need to go fold the clothes I left in a pile on the couch. Actually, to be honest I’m suddenly reminded that I need a spoon of peanut butter, and on my way to the pantry I catch site of the book I randomly put down on the kitchen counter three days ago, so I read standing up for awhile before the need for coffee kicks in.

The point is, I feel like no real work can be done, because my brain simply shuts down after a few minutes of work.

I thought this “mommy fog” was only supposed to happen when you had a newborn. Or am I doomed to a life of haphazard wandering around my house?