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Life Lately

I will be induced on Thursday morning, arriving at 6am and starting the entire life changing process at 7:00. By the end of this week we will have an addition to the family that will draw us all closer than ever before.

The last two weeks have been a waiting game, to say the least. Every night I take a shower and shave my legs, just in case my water breaks and we need to rush to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Every morning I wake disappointed that the baby didn’t decide to come sooner than our deadline.

But I know that it’s really not the baby – it’s God. He’s up to something and certainly knows more about this child’s timing and birthday than I do.

As we wait for Griffin’s little brother, we are having fun in the process, soaking up the last days of being a family of three. Perhaps the most fun we’ve had was Friday’s Family Movie Night. It was Griffin’s first experience with so many things, and he absolutely adored it! As it was really his first movie experience, it was also his first exposure to Mary Poppins. What a wonderful movie to start with! He loved all the songs, was enraptured by Mary’s magic, and talked about Jane and Michael all weekend.

It was also his first taste of popcorn, and of course he loved that, too! I chose to purchase an heirloom variety they had at Whole Foods. Called Tiny but Mighty Popcorn, it produces smaller kernels and has a thin hull that disintegrates when popped. This meant I didn’t have to worry about anything stuck in Griffin’s teeth, but more importantly, about his choking! It is also much easier to digest. During special occasions will be using this brand from now on!

Family Movie Night


1 thought on “Life Lately”

  1. Family movie night are so fun! I’m more than excited about all that life has in store for your lovely family. I love you round the world and back and can’t wait to meet this new addition! xps

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