32 Weeks

I’ve made it to 8 months!

32 WeeksThe rest seems to be helping keep this baby in a bit longer. I’m so glad I can move around more, but I can also say I feel it when I do too much. This week I’ve been on my own with Griffin more than usual, and taking him to the toy store was pretty strenuous on my body. I can’t wait to be able to run around like normal again!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 32 Weeks

Size of Baby – Squash or large Jicama

Gender – Boy

Total Weight Gain – 6 Pounds

What I Miss – Walking up the stairs without being exhausted, running errands like a normal person, picking Griffin up

Cravings – I’m still craving more dairy than usual, so there’s been a lot of yogurt and Paleo granola being consumed around here.

Symptoms – Tons of Braxton Hicks contractions. Some of them have been different than the last pregnancy, also. They seem to hurt a bit more, which has been slightly scary at times.

Maternity Clothes – I’m done purchasing maternity clothes if I can help it. There’s just not enough time to wear them without feeling I’ve wasted my money. I am starting to think about postpartum/nursing attire, though.

Worst Part of Pregnancy This Week – The afternoon after the toy store, I reclined in a chair and really worried about the scary contractions I was having. I prayed the entire time – luckily they all passed with no issue.

Best Part of Pregnancy This Week – Going to see the progress on the new house and realizing that we will most likely move in before the baby arrives!


1 thought on “32 Weeks”

  1. You’re an amazing Momma and I know it’s hard taking it easy with a toddler, just keep telling yourself it’s temporary. Can’t wait to see this new little bundle!

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