Update – Modified Bed Rest + 28 Weeks

After a week of lying prone, even a tiny bit of freedom feels like I’ve won a prize!

Bed Rest has paid off, it seems. The doctor said that I can get up a little bit more throughout the day, bathe Griffin if I let someone else put him in and take him out of the tub, and go get a pedicure if I want. I can’t go shopping or out to eat at a restaurant, and will not be able to workout until after the baby is born, but I can sit up straight a bit more. At this point she is still holding off on the steroids or progesterone, as well. I’ll take it!

We go back for another checkup next week, to see if the slight increase in activity has a negative effect on the progress I’ve made. I’m continuing to pray!

My days have started to blend into each other, but I have a few things that keep me occupied. I think I’ll save that list for the next post. For now, here’s a 7 month update!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 28 weeks

Size of Baby – An eggplant

Total Weight Gain – Last week I had gained a total of 6 pounds (thanks Disney). But at this last appointment I hadn’t gained anything additional, so at least bed rest hasn’t made me balloon out at this point.

What I miss – Walking!

Cravings – Still craving salty foods like chips, as well as random stuff like baked sweet potatoes with tons of butter and sour cream. I’ve also been eating a lot more sushi than I generally ever do.

Symptoms – Well, laying around for the last week hasn’t been the best for my digestion.

Maternity Clothes – A few fold-over pairs of yoga pants that can be worn after pregnancy, and some comfy Gap Fit shirts that are nice and loose. I especially like this roll sleeve tee.

Worst Part of Pregnancy this Week – Restless legs in the middle of the night from lack of activity during the day!

Best Part of Pregnancy this Week – Griffin woke this morning and his first words to Jeremy were, “I’m so excited about my little brother!”



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