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Bed Rest – Temporarily, I Hope

First, a little back story.

Last Tuesday I worked out to a VERY short bodyweight program while Griffin played. Doing some sumo squats, I noticed I had a “heavy” feeling in my pelvic floor. The next exercise was a plank variation with a leg exercise involved – which produced stabbing pains throughout that area. Realizing I needed to stop that immediately, I finished the rest of the workout and rested. Throughout the remainder of the day however, I had that same heavy feeling, especially when climbing stairs, standing up from sitting, etc.

At first I didn’t think much about it, but at the prodding of both my mother and mother-in-law, I called the doctor. Her nurse said that if a Tylenol and rest didn’t help things, I needed to go immediately to the Women’s ER and see if anything serious might be happening.

Although I probably would have ignored this and just rested until the following day, my husband was concerned enough to suggest we take her up on that offer. Luckily Nashville’s Centennial Women’s Center is amazing and I went immediately into a room with no wait time.

A few tests later and they discovered that my cervix had shortened quite a bit from my last ultrasound. Strict bedrest was prescribed until I could meet with my regular doctor, which I happened to have an appointment with on Thursday morning, anyway.

Hoping that I would only be confined to a reclined position for one day, I made the most of it and read throughout that next 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t give me a perfect bill of health just yet. Another week’s worth of bed rest was the result, to see if my cervix was simply shortened temporarily by the workout I had done (I swear it was low impact!). Although she had wanted to go ahead and give me a shot of steroids and progesterone in the off-chance the baby would come super early, she was willing – at my pleading – to wait a week and see if things would resolve themselves.

I had argued the point when thinking about having avoided food with antibiotics and steroids this entire time, only to be injected with both of them at the very end, making my child artificially developed before the natural time. Of course, I certainly don’t want him to spend any time in the NICU either, making the entire thing a huge struggle for me.

So here I sit.

I keep praying that somehow everything will be back to normal after Wednesday’s ultrasound. The baby is certainly healthy right now – perfect heartbeat and movement. But the fact that Griffin naturally came at 34.5 weeks with zero complications, combined with this latest development of my cervix, has everyone overly focused on my staying in a prone position and drinking a gallon of water each day.

Spider ManSo much so, that I’m now the proud owner of Jeremy’s childhood Spider Man dinner tray to ensure I rest even at meal times.

To pass the time I’ve been doing an enormous amount of reading, finally watching some Netflix shows that friends have raved about for years, and hanging out with Griffin on either the bed or a recliner. Griffin has definitely been the aspect of bed rest that has depressed me the most. I simply can’t play with him, take care of him, or feed him as normal. Luckily I have an amazing family unit that has come to my rescue!

Father's Day EntertainmentWhen Jeremy isn’t working he is doing everything in his power to ensure my comfort and Griffin’s entertainment and well-being. He literally spent his Father’s Day helping me and going to Home Depot to pick up a mini fridge that could house the meals I’ve had delivered from a Paleo meal delivery service in Nashville – I couldn’t stand the thought of any of us eating unhealthy simply because I couldn’t cook!

My in-laws, who we are staying with, make life super easy by caring for the little man and taking Griffin with them on fun errands. Marcia has even gone to two grocery stores in one day, and is currently at Target with Griffin. My own parents have taken off work to cook and be there for Griffin and myself. My mom spent her days off this weekend having a slumber party with him and cooking.

FriendsThis isn’t including friends who have dropped in with food and playmates.

So I’m going to continue to occupy my time by blogging about the days that stretch ahead of me. Maybe the muse will finally return to me after a long hiatus, and this daily bit of writing will inspire my other projects, as well.



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