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Happy Easter! + 16 Weeks

He is Risen! A heartfelt Happy Easter from our family to yours – what a beautiful day for a Jesus-centered celebration!

Family EasterUsually Easter comes with lots of cloudy skies and rain, but today was just gorgeous. We had to get outside and take some family photos to commemorate it.


Easter 2Yesterday we did the same, even if it was slightly colder. Griffin participated in his first Easter egg hunt, and met the Easter bunny, as well.

Easter 9Although we have never really discussed the Easter bunny much, he was excited to see a costumed character, nonetheless – I’ll attribute that to lots of interaction with characters at Disney World!

Easter 8There was also a musical petting zoo, put on by the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was everything I had wanted our own attempt at Griffin’s birthday to be. A banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, and many  varieties of drums and bells were all available for small hands to touch and try out. The instructors were wonderful with Griffin and highly encouraged us to start giving him formal lessons soon.

Easter 4

Easter 5

Easter 6As far as Easter morning went, Griffin awoke and immediately headed downstairs to dig into his Easter basket.

Easter 3We then made our way to church, where we allowed Griffin to be in the sanctuary for worship service. He loved it, as he has in the past, but this time there was also a children’s choir – he made the announcement afterwards that he wanted to sign up.

Easter 10We came home and had the family over for a true Easter feast. We have leftovers to last the week!

As for myself, here’s a belated pregnancy update:

16 WeeksPregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 16 Weeks

Size of Baby – An Avocado

Total Weight Gain – Still -3 pounds

What I miss – Cocktails at my favorite restaurants

Cravings – I would love just one Cadbury egg, but have sworn them off since they contain nothing my body would recognize as food!

Symptoms – Migraines have gotten worse in the last few weeks. No amount of pregnancy-safe medication seems to relieve them, and they last 2-3 days at a time. Luckily, sipping on some caffeine has actually seemed to help.

Maternity Clothes – No, but I’ve been on a bit of a rampage looking for flowy dresses and skirts for summer.

Worst Part of Pregnancy this Week – Definitely the headaches.

Best Part of Pregnancy this Week – Talking to Griffin about baby brothers and sisters. We haven’t told him yet, but are warming him to the idea!


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