Disney, Parenthood

My Hormones Love Disney

There’s nothing like listening to the Frozen soundtrack to bring on the tears.

I’m not even talking about the ballads like “Let it Go” or the more emotional parts of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.” I was in the car this afternoon tearing up to “Love is an Open Door,” for goodness sake! Then to my horror, I found my voice also cracking to Aladdin’s “Whole New World” and Tangled’s “For the First Time in Forever.” Pandora was really playing with my Estrogen today, apparently.

Singing at an ear-splitting volume and flailing my arms in order to hear my son giggle from the back seat, I realized that my passion (obsession? unhealthy adoration?) of all things Disney had finally found a peaceful resting place. I would risk making a fool of myself to fellow drivers simply in order to watch Griffin get into the song and start humming and dancing along with me.

photoAnd it works! He absolutely loves listening to Disney music. We even took him to see Disney on Ice a few weeks ago just to watch his face light up when Mickey, Minnie, and the crew came onto the rink for the first time. Like everything else involving Disney right now, Anna and Elsa were the main attraction, and Griffin held onto his new friend Olaf as he bounced from one lap to another.

Of course, I tear up on occasions other than our car ride singalongs. Reading books to him, especially fairy tale-esque stories that remind me of my own childhood, can also bring on some watery eyes. I’m not even a crier, but it happens more than I’d care to admit.

Therefore I blame it on the hormones, obviously.

Disney aside, these hormones are once again out of control. I’ve taken all the steps that should lead to internal balance – acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, healthy eating, exercise. And yet my face still frequently looks like that of a preteen girl, even though I get monthly facials and follow my aestheticism’s instructions to the letter.

Right now the hormones are in control and all I can do is sing along, according to their demands.


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