Life as Oxymoron

Here I am, writing what has overwhelmingly become a mommy blog, filled with photos of my child and the many milestones he has made.

Box house

Perhaps that’s why I sometimes find myself at a loss for additional words to put onto the screen.

As much as my son completes me, he isn’t the whole of me. There are so many more facets to my being than just the label of “Mommy”. I have only been able to claim that title for less than two years, in fact.

But picking a different theme for this blog would be difficult. Life isn’t about putting things in neat, tidy boxes, as much as we all may try. And while my life is taken up with a toddler for the present, I do (surprisingly) have other thoughts running through my head. For starters, here are some ideas I’ve had when thinking about areas to focus on in the blog :

  • A Paleo Lifestyle – Except that I occasionally cheat
  • Christianity – But I feel myself to be one of the least qualified
  • Travel – With the exception that since having a baby we haven’t left the U.S.
  • Disney – Now here’s an area I know something about! But there’s a very small audience who wants to hear about Paleo-ified Disney food.
  • Natural Living – Although I can’t seem to find a decent natural mascara – among other things – and I’m certainly not leaving that out of my daily routine.

Some blogs focus on one topic – food, a parenting/learning philosophy, a destination. But this just isn’t one of them. I guess I’m too full of opposing interests and desires to ever truly fit into one category. So my goal is to hopefully entertain, no matter the subject. But one thing is for certain – it will all be relevant, because it will all be about my family and myself!


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