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Catching Up

The Holidays have come and gone. Christmas, New Years, even Griffin’s 13 month birthday. And yet I’ve been a bit silent here on the blog.

At the beach for the Holidays
At the beach for the Holidays

I think I can boil it down to being too busy with the day to day. It’s hard to find the time to sit down and think, much less put thought to keyboard. And while I have cared less and less for New Year’s resolutions lately, I still find myself penciling in blog post ideas on the calendar, hoping to get better at writing, at doing what I really love to do, in this new year.

2014 will certainly be a year of thankfulness. I follow author Ann Voskamp’s blog, and was so inspired by her latest post on God’s will for your life. Her writing is awe-inspiring, and this was no exception. Every sentence practically leaped off the page and wrapped itself around my heart. Taking time each day to sit and think about the small things I’m thankful for is medicine. Instead of getting frustrated with short naps and dirty dishes, I jot down thanks for sips of coffee and open-mouth baby kisses.

Be looking for belated birthday party photos and captured Christmas moments. They are still notable, even if a bit late, and I will not be upset for my timeliness in the matter. I will be thankful for busy schedules and little timeouts.


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