52 Project, Baby, Books, Disney


Image“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014”

A look back at just one moment of our holiday travel.

Griffin: You can’t know how magical it was to introduce you to the characters that have been a part of your daily reading routine since birth. You are certainly a child who loves books – loves the wonder of flipping through pages and discovering who and what lies on the other side.  And sometimes, the pages of those books can come to life, which we got to witness you discover for yourself. This was the very reason your father and I planned this first trip of many to Orlando during the busiest time of the year. I want you to know that with a little imagination and a lot of faith, magic really can exist for you.

I am no photographer. Most of my photos are straight from my phone – a fact that I am not very proud of. And while my beautiful, shiny DSLR sits perched on a table in the living room just waiting to be lovingly scuffed up and battered with use, I often find myself taking quick snapshots with the iPhone anyway. Perhaps it’s because life happens quicker than the time it takes to jump up and leave the action. This is my reason for participating in the 52 Project this year. I hope to capture life’s little moments – for myself as a reference in the years to come, and for Griffin as a look back at the very beginnings of his world.


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