A Halloween Full of Tricks and Treats

What could have happened, you wonder, that made me have both treats AND tricks during our Halloween?

It was postponed. That’s right, the entire day was called off on account of weather.

Now, in the South, snow days call off school on a normal basis. With even a chance of flurries, kids will be in their front yard playing in the (completely dry) yard the entire next day. But moving Halloween to the next night because of rain? That was a new one for me.

CostumeNot that Griffin minded one bit. He was quite happy not to put on the costume his mother had purchased for him. Actually, make that costumes, because he had two. He was Peter Pan on Tuesday for his music class, and the other – the family group costume – was an adorable Scarecrow outfit to go along with our Wizard of Oz/Wicked theme for trick-or-treating Halloween evening. I had the entire Wicked Witch outfit already laid out – pointy hat, striped stockings – it was amazing! Jeremy was going to be the lion or the Wizard, depending on his mood at the time.

But Thursday came and went with no cute hats, no furry costumes, no face paint at all. Mommy and Daddy celebrated by having a few of the treats I had made for us, and by watching Hocus Pocus, one of my all-time favorite movies.

“Dead man’s toe!” If you’re a fan of the movie, this quote is probably hilarious to you. I absolutely adore Sarah Jessica Parker in this role!

Costume3Anyway, back to the main topic. Halloween festivities recommenced that weekend, which could have been better for everyone all around. But different neighborhoods agreed on different nights, meaning half the area we live in trick-or-treated on Friday, and the other half waited until Saturday to come out for candy. Our neighborhood is much more spread out than those around us though, so the kids decided to skip us for the most part! I think we got 10 groups, and had an entire bowl of candy leftover.

Costume2Again, Griffin certainly didn’t mind this! He tolerated his costume for about 10 minutes, then happily made the switch to a Superman Tshirt. Although Jeremy and I had thought we would be going all out for the little one’s first Halloween, we quickly realized that our dreams of trick-or-treating as a family were simply not realistic. I mean, his bedtime starts at 6:30. He wouldn’t be saying anything to anyone, let alone “trick or treat!”, so Jeremy and I would look like those people that use their children as a ploy to round up tons of candy for themselves.

The plan quickly morphed to having Griffin dress up, but stay at home and having him attempt to put a piece of candy into everyone’s bag. And then it changed to, “Well, let’s just try to get a picture with him in a costume.”

Costume4I think from the pictures you can tell which one actually happened – and not very well at that. He really doesn’t like hats!

Maybe next year we can all make a family event out of it. We will also have someone else take good photos!


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