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A Slight Rant Regarding My Son’s Pediatrician

Let me preface all this by saying I made a mistake. With the best of intentions, I volunteered for the 16-20 month old class at our church two Sundays ago. Never did it cross my mind that by doing so, I would be exposing Griffin to an age group and germs he’s never come in contact with. And so I volunteered – and so he got what I brought home on my clothes.

BooksMainly it’s just a slight runny nose and some ick in his diaper. But the ick went unchecked as he was sleeping through the night like the amazing child he is. Diaper rash came quickly at that point, and it got out of hand.

Poor Griffin cried every time he went to the bathroom. He cried when we changed him because it was painful. We called the nurse, then went to the doctor, doing our best as parents to keep everything in check.

The office was busy that day, so when the doctor rushed in amid other morning checkups, she simply glanced at the situation before a quick diagnosis and instructions. We did what we were told. I used the store bought cream (as well as the coconut oil I had been using based on its anti-fungal properties), and did everything in the order she told us, step-by-step and rule-by-rule.

How was I to know she hadn’t given us the right instructions? Who am I to question whether she had told us everything we need to do?

A quick call into the nurse today let me know that I may need to find another Pediatrician. Today’s instructions were much different! Apparently we should have been allowing the Lotrimin to soak into the skin, never put it on any open wounds, and only use it up to 4 times a day. We needed to be keeping him out of a diaper as much as possible (yeah, that will be easy), and then putting up to a quarter inch of zinc-based diaper cream on top of everything once the diaper goes on.

But that wasn’t what upset me the most. The worst part of the conversation – in which the nurse managed to make me feel about the size of the tiniest ant – was when I asked her about the coconut oil. “Oh, we don’t recommend stuff like that here,” she was quick to say. “What we tell you to do is FDA approved. We just don’t know about that other stuff. I mean, I like the smell of it in my suntan lotion, but I don’t know about putting it on a baby’s bottom.”


Because chemicals are completely fine, but if it grows from the ground, steer clear.

And what they’ve told me to do isn’t helping. I clearly see her logic.

Immediately after this conversation I put in a call to another Pediatric group – one that combines traditional and natural medicine. A practice I had been intrigued by, because they understand parents’ fears regarding vaccines and antibiotics. A practice that I’m hoping will mesh with what I firmly believe, and what I feel my mama instinct constantly whispering.

Griffin will be going there for his one year check up – and God will heal his little bum by telling me how to do it.

You’d never know from his pictures that he’s less than 100%. He looks guilty though, doesn’t he? Maybe because he pooped on the floor in my bedroom during some naked time! Oh well, I definitely think the amber necklace is a hit with the Hawaiian shirt, don’t you?



5 thoughts on “A Slight Rant Regarding My Son’s Pediatrician”

  1. Awesome snapshot of the little guy! I’m sorry that things didn’t go well with the pediatrician. The last thing we need as parents is being made to feel guilty for decisions we make based on research that we have done (for the record, I’ve only ever used coconut oil – though, my pediatrician doesn’t know that…). Here’s to hoping the new pediatrician (and your son’s rash) will be better!

    1. That’s so good to know! Do you use any balm at all? We generally use the Honest Company’s healing balm, but this rash calls for something a little more heavy duty. Graham Gardens makes a wonderful organic zinc balm that smells so nice!

      I have no idea why doctor’s don’t have the slightest clue about natural remedies. And coconut oil seems to be a cure-all for so many things – I’ve even started using it as a facial cleanser at night!

      1. I’ve been lucky to not have to deal with any hefty rashes that required anything more than coconut oil. I can’t use any zinc-based balms because of the cloth diapers, but it’s good to know that there are some organic balms out there.

        I don’t know why doctors are so reluctant to accept natural remedies – especially when there is scientific proof that they work.

  2. My daughter has had diaper rash a couple times, we keep her out of the diaper as much as possible when shes home and put some epsom salt in her bath water to let her bottom soak in it. The epsom salt helps a lot. We also use the honest balm and coconut oil when we change her diaper every time.

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