11 Months and Some Family Photos

Griffin 11 month2Griffin turned 11 months old yesterday! I felt like it was such a special day for him, and kept singing Happy Birthday. Silly maybe, but I wanted him to know it was the last month he would be less than a year old. Every other birthday will be marked by years after this – commemorating the occasion was essential!

The previous week we had a wonderful photo session with the same photographer who took Griffin’s newborn photos. It’s so fun to compare how big he’s gotten in just over a handful of months! Even the photographer kept talking about how much he has grown – it will be fun to return to her year after year.

Jenny Cruger is such a rock star at what she does – she really captured the sweet joyfulness that we get to see in Griffin every day. And he loves her studio! It’s bright yet cozy, with tons of natural toys and products he had fun getting into.

Griffin 11 month3This month has been one of so many firsts. He is pulling up to stand, cruising around on furniture, and tentatively taking steps when he holds onto us. We started a baby music class, which has done leaps and bounds to socialize him with other kids around his age, and he absolutely adores the teacher – he shows off his musical ability for her and gets lots of praise!

Griffin 11 monthRight now it seems he’s developing his “opening and closing” skills. He will spend long periods of time turning the pages of books, taking lids off boxes and attempting to fit them back into place, and repeatedly playing with the kitchen cabinets. He gets so proud of himself when he completes this work, and wants to make sure those around him witness each little accomplishment.

This next month is full of fun festivities and lots of planning as we prepare for everyone to gather and celebrate. Halloween is just around the corner, and I cannot wait to reveal his costume to you all!


4 thoughts on “11 Months and Some Family Photos”

  1. He is the sweetest little boy, it’s such a blessing to see the joy in every smile. He is blessed and he knows it! xo

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