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A Nursery to Inspire the Love of Reading


More than a year before Griffin was born, I started a board on Pinterest with all the things I found and loved. Sometimes they would be completely random, but more often than not the things that inspired me were of a storybook nature.

nursery13Jeremy and I thought about what Griffin’s room should be like – a peaceful place to sleep, an imaginative space in which to play, and a soothing environment for all of the times we would sit in the chair to feed him.



Nursery12When we looked over the list we’d compiled, it didn’t take long to realize that the room should be centered around what makes us feel all of those things – books.

Our house is made up of books. Pages and bindings fill as many cracks as we can stuff them into. Stories line our walls, cocooning us in a world of words.

And now they do that for Griffin.




Of all the children’s stories we knew, the one’s we loved most seemed to be classic British children’s literature. From Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan, to Narnia and Harry Potter, Griffin’s room is a creative mix of different worlds and lands that were founded by their authors in the UK.


When entering his room, a signpost guides the way, telling what wonderful worlds await. A ship lights the way, always pointing towards the second star to the right. The Hundred Acre Wood  and Neverland make prominent appearances, but slight nods to the world of Harry Potter can be found, as in the snowy owl perched atop the crib.





Wonderland, Narnia, The Shire, Neverland – these are the elements we used when creating a place Griffin where can grow and learn.


Many of the items in the room came from Etsy – I love the handmade prints and decor you can find from creative people all over the United States. Restoration Hardware provided most of the furniture, and the ship was actually a clearance find on Pottery Barn. It was originally detailed with pink beads, but a short trip to a local bead store fixed that right up!

This is a room Griffin will hopefully grow into. The bed may change, but certain elements of this room will stay the same as he develops from baby to little boy.


10 thoughts on “A Nursery to Inspire the Love of Reading”

  1. Are you still using the ship light? I can’t find one anywhere. If you still have it and are finished using it would you be interested in selling it?

    1. Yes, it is still in his room! I know they are tough to find – have you checked EBay? We got ours on clearance at Pottery Barn kids online – it originally had pink beading but we took it to a little shop in Nashville and got them to change it out.

    1. Thanks so much! I love it so much I’m using it with baby #2, as well – simply changing out the crib sheet! It’s by Belle Notte and the color is Seafoam. I actually have two crib skirts on there, one in linen and the other in velvet. Although I ordered them from a local store in Nashville, a few websites sell Belle Notte online – good luck!

  2. Hi! I just bought this crib and think your paint is perfect with it. Do you know the color?? Help appreciated!

    1. I’m so sorry for just getting back with you, and I’m sure you’ve already chosen the color for your nursery! I don’t know the color anyway though. We’ve moved houses since then and I threw all the paint cans away! I need to keep better records…

  3. Hi, I think your son Griffin’s nursery is amazing. I actually started to cry when I read your blog about it!! (damn pregnancy hormones). I love your Winnie the Pooh painting and storybook sign post. Would you mind sharing where you got them from? Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you! The painting is actually from Disney World but you can buy it on the Disney art website. It comes framed. The sign was made by a local artist in the Nashville area. I’m sure she would be willing to recreate for you!

  4. Hello,

    I saw you wall transfer, the painting signpost to neverland wonderland and narnia and wondered where you got it from… I am expecting and am very much into fairytales and where they originally come from and so on and so forth and would like this in her nursery

    1. Hi there! We actually had someone paint this on foam board, so that we could detach it from the wall when we moved. It worked great! The artist is local to Nashville, but is available for commissions! Hope this helps. Good luck!

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