Our week has been one of opposites. Sweet snuggles and screaming hysterics. Griffin is cutting mulitple teeth at a time, and neither of us know quite how to cope with it.

On top of that, I was sick this weekend and had to call in some backup. Both sets of parents helped Jeremy and I as we recovered and led Griffin through this rough spot.

I went to Whole Foods and purchased an arsenal of natural remedies, some that have worked better than others, and some I’ve yet to even break the seal on. Teething tablets, sniffle support, and a raw amber teething necklace have been what we’ve sampled thus far.

The teething necklace is by far the most interesting – I had never heard of it, but the cashier told me that every person she knows that has one swears by it. The specialty shop next door had them in a variety of colors, but claimed the raw version was most effective. And I do think it’s made a difference! The succinic acid in the amber is anti-inflammatory, and when worn on the skin can really help!

Are runny noses a symptom of teething? I’ve heard conflicting answers to that. I think doctors will no, while most parents emphatically say yes. For Griffin, I think it certainly is, and it’s another thing he isn’t sure what to do about! He wakes himself up by coughing from the drainage and drool, and has no idea what just happened.

All I want to do is tell him it’s going to get better quickly, but I honestly have no idea how long it may last!

Despite this, we’ve still had plenty of fun times around here. You would never know he was in any pain at all, judging from the big smiles he gives!



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