Baby, Home

Late Summer Exploring

Last week was a gorgeous time to get outside. Unlike the current state of things, it wasn’t blazing hot and muggy, so Griffin and I ventured outside.

FlowersBefore the trees begin to turn and the grass starts to fade, the two of us are trying to spend some quality time in our yard. I would like him to get comfortable playing in nature, because we will be doing alot of it in the future.


LeavesWe’re experimenting with textures, smells, and even taste! He wanted to stick the grass, leaves, and dirt in his mouth, so I let him explore.

PearThe pears are ripe on the tree in our yard, and Griffin got a few bites of one I plucked right off the limb. Well, perhaps lick is a more appropriate term for what he actually accomplished.

Either way, he was a fan. Since then I’ve tried him on whole apples, as well. I think he mainly just likes the power of holding his own food. Imagine that!

Happy Feet


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