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What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been awhile. Too long, in fact!

Griffin has been a busy little boy, and I’ve had a hard time keeping up. Between entertaining him, studying, trying to keep the house from falling into disrepair (I found Griffin with some dust on his little mobile knees the other day), and getting myself presentable every day, I have barely had time to kiss Jeremy hello when he gets home in the afternoon.

It’s busy, but it’s also so good!

I love my class this semester – a fairy tale writing course.  My first assignment is to read an entire collection of annotated fairy tales, then meet with my professor on Monday for our first discussion. I can’t wait to talk about my favorites, and hash out which ones we both didn’t enjoy.

MirrorFinishing the book by Monday is proving to be a challenge, however. I’m only a little over halfway through at this point! As you can tell from the picture, Griffin is all over the place, and many times that’s right in momma’s lap. I brought my makeup into the living room in an attempt to do something productive while he played nearby. But the moment he caught sight of my reflection in the mirror, he wanted to be a part, as well. He was also intensely curious about all the small objects in my makeup bag, of course.

From what I’ve read, and what the doctor even let me in on, the 9 month stage is the clingiest of them all. There are literally times when he will not be satisfied if he isn’t directly on top of me – sometimes with his face plastered onto mine.

These times can be some of the sweetest we have! I can be cooking his food and he will crawl over to my legs and pull on my yoga pants, simply wanting to be closer.

It may make for less blogging, but it has certainly made for more cuddles.


NurseryThat’s not saying he’s clingy every moment – not in the least, actually. He’s very happy to play in his room and look around him. I can sip some coffee and just let him roam after he’s gotten out of the crib and had his milk. The need for snuggles mostly comes when he’s getting tired. He is so excited about being able to move around now, that I’ll catch him on the other side of the room before I know it!

He also loves exploring new objects. His current favorites are cabinets, drawers, and boxes. I know this is typical of babies, but I just love seeing him leave his toys behind in favor of everyday objects. I would much rather him be curious about the world than content with items designed to entertain him.

BoxWhen the FedEx guy shows up, Griffin gets a new item to study and learn from!



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