9 Months and Sittin’ Pretty

Happy 9 Months, little boy!

Griffin has had a steady stream of visitors today, including my brother, who gave him a birthday guitar lesson. He really loves music, and we’ve discovered he has a special affinity for southern rock – no idea where he gets it from!

guitarIn so many ways Finn really IS more little boy than baby now. He plays with the toys that interest him by crawling to them. He reaches out when he wants someone to hold him. He can push away food or drinks that are offered to him if he has had enough – he’s becoming independent!

The first tooth has officially arrived.

He is starting to pull up on anything and everything.

He’s adding new words to his vocabulary. He says Hi and will wave at people and his favorite paintings.

And he’s sitting in the grocery cart!

bundleCan I just take a moment to breath a long sigh of relief? I am a very small person with very small muscles. Wrestling the car seat in and out of the car, then having to finagle it into a shopping cart was serious work – enough that I would rather get someone to come over and watch Griffin rather than take him to the store with me.

But we don’t have to fool with all that anymore! He spent an hour in Whole Foods with me yesterday, sitting up, looking around, and chewing a paper bag to shreds (don’t worry, I kept an eye out for paper jams in his mouth).

At 3/4ths of a year old, he has been alive as long as I was pregnant – a little longer actually!



2 thoughts on “9 Months and Sittin’ Pretty”

  1. This lil guy is growing by leaps and bounds, and he holds my heart.. just like his Momma and his Uncle before him! Such blessings and ohhh so sweet!

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