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A friend of mine is currently working with patients in Africa. She is on the cusp of beginning her residency and wanted to take some time to help another society and gain alot of experience in the process.

I read her bi-weekly accounts on her blog and can’t help but feel completely useless in comparison. But it’s not because I’m not over there. It’s because of the stark difference between my circumstances and that of the children and mothers there.

SONY DSCI want to help them. I want to feed the distended bellies and comfort the crying children I see in those pictures. Children that remind me so much of my sweet, tiny child who currently lays in his soft bed and laughs at the bright pictures above his head.

His stomach is full, yet another meal is shortly on the way.

His clothes are clean, but he will be putting on a daytime outfit before we see his Nonnie today.

He is happy and healthy, but I worry about what toys will be the most productive for him to play with.

I am spoiled – we are all spoiled. But as my friend has found out in the harshest way possible, “We will always have the poor.” God pointed this out in the bible, and it can be seen today in the fly-infested eyes of modern Africa. She is over there trying to help, but all she sees is more and more misery. The hospitals do not have the equipment they need. They aren’t sanitary. But even apart from that, the mothers of these children cannot take their babies to get help, because the husbands are gone for months at a time attempting to provide for them. The equivalent of 6 dollars could save a little boy’s life, yet it is impossible for the mother to attain that money.

ShackI want to give. Yet aside from physically going there and putting the money in her hand, I have no way of knowing if my money will actually help that dying child and his sister.

Accounts like this force me to realize what a blessed life I have – and how cliche it is that I’m even talking about it. I don’t want to be a cliche, though. I want to make an impact. I want my child to grow and impact those around him. To do this, I have to pop by comfort bubble and raise Griffin to know more than Nashville, TN.

I will teach him to be acquainted with life’s realities, and together we will learn how God will use us.


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