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First Foods: Lamb, Squash, and Creamy Leeks

For my own sanity, I’m attempting to introduce Griffin to the main ingredients I cook with as soon as possible. This way I will be able to make something for all of us and not worry about what he is going to eat. Now that he’s having 3 solid meals a day, I need to have things on hand that only require reheating.

Among the top foods and spices that make their way into almost everything I cook are onions, tomatoes, garlic, and Papa Spice – a concoction of various spices my dad is practically famous for. Up until this point, I’ve tried to be conservative with the spice. We’re now slowly but surely adding alot of different flavors into the foods he already eats.

leeksAs was suggested in some of my French baby food cookbooks, I began with leeks. Being in the onion family but not quite as strong in flavor, I felt safe offering this to Griffin. For the first try, most suggest just cooking the white portion, not the green stems, which look very similar to large green onions. I’m not a fan of those myself, so I didn’t care about throwing them directly in the trash.

The leeks were a huge success! I began with only the leek dish, then added a new spice each day for three days (how I typically introduce him to all foods).

On day three I decided to add some garlic powder and see how he liked it. It seems I was a little too enthusiastic when I sprinkled it on! He ate it all, but for the rest of the day he smelled very strongly of onion and garlic – we affectionately nicknamed him Zorba, because he smelled like a Greek cafe!

Lamb, Squash, and Creamy Leeks

  • 1 oz cooked and pureed lamb
  • 1 butternut squash
  • 2 leeks – white portion only
  • Spices to taste – Garlic, Curry, Cumin, etc

I had previously made a batch of lamb and froze it for recipes like this one. Using lamb stew meat, I simply added it to a crockpot along with broth, carrots, and soup bones. When the meat was cooked, I pureed it and froze into 1 oz portions.

Peel and cube the butternut squash. Steam until tender, then puree and set aside (if baby can tolerate, leave some lumps in it!). For leeks, cut the white as you would an onion, then saute with butter or coconut oil. When translucent, puree until desired consistency.

Combine lamb, 2 oz of squash, and 2 oz of leeks. Season however you would like. Don’t put in too much garlic or your baby will smell like a street vendor!

Makes approx. 3 servings


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