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Weaning – A Question For All You Moms

Last night my husband and I were having a conversation about our December Disney trip. It went a little something like this:

Me – We will have to figure out Griffin’s feeding schedule and plan our parks and meals around that.

Jeremy – Well he won’t be breastfeeding by then, so it should be a lot easier.

Me – What do you mean, he won’t be breastfeeding?

I’m sure you can see where this might have headed. What I envisioned weaning is concerned is that Griffin would wean naturally – he will let me know when it’s time to move past breastmilk. His afternoon liquid meals may drop, but morning and dinner will certainly remain the same for much longer than a year, right? I mean, he’s almost 9 months old right now. Surely not that much is going to change in 4 months.

But Jeremy had other ideas. He said he didn’t know a single mom who breastfed their children past a year. Of course, I pulled out a laundry list of ladies that I knew for certain did just that – well after the year mark, for that matter.

So what are your thoughts? Did you – or are you planning to – breastfeed your child for more than what most would consider “normal”? If so, how did your family and friends handle it? And were there any benefits or downsides for choosing to go against mainstream?

I would LOVE to hear your two cents!


2 thoughts on “Weaning – A Question For All You Moms”

  1. I thought I would breastfeed for 6 months and then start weaning off but was still at it until 15 months. Having found it so hard to get started I just couldn’t give up so soon. I know people who went longer but by 15 months, I was personally ready to give up the last few feeds. I thought it would be really hard but actually my daughter made no fuss about it.

    I would love to see you at the The Friday Baby Shower … the link party for bump + baby posts, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

    1. Yeah I could see myself getting a bit tired of it when all the teeth come in! He’s also been so much of a busybody lately that it takes all my power just to get him to sit with me and finish his meal. I will definitely check out the Friday Baby Shower!

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