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The Most Interesting Baby in Nashville

A few weeks ago I tried something I had seen in one of the Montessori books I’ve been reading – I gave Griffin a real glass as opposed to a sippy cup.

He needed something his own size, though. Something that would fit snugly in his hands as he cupped them and lifted the glass to his mouth. What could fit the bill? A shot glass.


Drinking2It was perfect! Everyone present was actually shocked that it worked. He picked it up, bought it to his mouth, and drank the few drops I had put in the glass. When it was empty, I poured a few more, and he repeated the process. Montessori was absolutely right – we don’t give our babies nearly the amount of credit they deserve.

That’s not saying he didn’t spill anything. We guided him at times when he fumbled a bit. But all in all, he knew what to do with the Griffin-sized glass, and he was SO proud of himself.

I posted the picture on Facebook, and it sparked some lively discussion. The original caption I added was:

“He doesn’t always drink water, but when he does he prefers to use a shot glass.”

From there, friends and family chimed in with their own quips.

“Griffin once crawled a race backwards…just to see what second place looked like.”

“His pampers rarely get soiled. Gerber gets his opinion on new foods. His spittle has medicinal value.”

“Elvis once reported sighting him. He has been exempted from Obamacare simply because he frowned. When he eats, he does not require a bib. All of his piggies have roast beef and go weeeee all the way home.”

“He is – the most interesting baby in Nashville.”

I absolutely had to post these – I have some very creative friends! Above anything else though, I think we all need to realize that babies are up for the challenge; we just have to present it to them. I discovered that he doesn’t necessarily require a sippy cup during meals, and that’s just one less thing he will have to transition away from. Let’s lessen some of the steps our children have to go through. Sometimes the best way to get to something is to just jump right in and do it.



2 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Baby in Nashville”

  1. Awesome! We decided to completely skip the sippies too. I found a metal shot glass when I was in New York the other day so I brought that home. He LOVES it. Glad your little one is doing well with his glass as well!

    1. I’ve been slacking lately on it. For some reason all of our shot glasses are taller and skinny, and each time I head to the store I forget to buy one. I may just have to steal one from the neighbors at this rate – he’s going to forget his new skill!

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