8 Months – Just Back From the Beach

Griffin’s 8 month birthday came and went without being written about – we’ve been out of town for the past two weeks, and although we certainly celebrated in Florida, I didn’t get around to logging in and typing something up.

8 MonthsSo today, Griffin is just over 8 months and 1 week!

It’s amazing what a few weeks can do in terms of development. I know parents constantly talk about how you can blink and your children change, but I didn’t realize how true that cliche really is.

Suddenly Griffin is babbling nonstop. He has two new words – papa and dada. We were at the beach with Jeremy’s parents – Nana and Papa – and Griffin would announce when his Papa was in the room! Jeremy’s feelings weren’t too hurt though, because Papa and Mama (his first word) use the same mouth movements, not requiring the tongue. Dada was just a little harder to say! Nanas were next, and now it seems we have a wide variety of letters to choose from when listening to him carry on a conversation.

Griffin is also on the verge of getting some teeth. There were days when he wasn’t the happiest baby in the world, but a frozen teether or wooden toy seemed to settle him. Unfortunately, nursing is hurting his gums, as well. He’s been a little fussier than normal when eating, although during his solid meals he loves to chew on the spoon!

The floor will soon have to replace the changing table, I’m afraid. He’s becoming so mobile, and will flip over without even giving me a chance to react. He is also beginning to rock onto his heels when on all fours, and has sat up in bed on one occasion!

Everything seems to be happening all at once, so for the next few days I’ll be writing more in order to make sure it’s all documented.

I can’t imagine what next month will bring.



4 thoughts on “8 Months – Just Back From the Beach”

  1. You knew when you met him an adventure was going to happen. I’m so happy to watch you both enjoying every step of the journey! xo

    1. Oh my goodness! He crawled in the short time you were away – thank goodness for modern day technology, that allows us to capture those moments! I go through and watch videos all the time!

      1. Yes! He was really close before I left though. He had started sitting up in his bed (very fun naps…) a couple of days before and was able to get on all fours but hadn’t figured out how to coordinate everything.
        And yes! I am so happy that we have the technology to record all of the milestones they go through. It’s so fun to look through their evolution.

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