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First Foods: Sweet Potato Bisque

I thought I would start a regular feature on the blog featuring recipes for the foods we’re giving Griffin, with success (and failure) stories thrown in, as well.

Up first is something we tried for the first time yesterday. Although he’s had sweet potatoes many times now, this was Griffin’s first introduction to soup.

Soup is a relative term though, because it’s primarily puréed sweet potatoes, with bone broth added to thin it slightly. This results in a very creamy, rich bisque. It was so good, Jeremy and I could have easily eaten it for dinner!

Sweet PotatoThe bone broth adds tons of nutrients that babies need, such as calcium, collagen, and especially iron. This last is very important for us, since I’ve chosen not to feed Griffin grains, which are generally fortified with iron (as a side note, this type of iron isn’t well digested and most just goes to waste).

It’s actually been difficult to find good baby food recipes. I’ve recently found some cookbooks based on the foods that French families serve their children. This has been really helpful, but I’m still making things up as I go. The cookbook that goes with my Beaba Babycook hasn’t yet come in, but I’m excited to look through it. I really adore my babyfood maker – it makes things so simple! Unless I can serve the foods raw, this is the primary way I’ve cooked his food. But anyone can easily make the same recipes using a food processor, as well.

BeabaIsn’t the Beaba a beautiful piece of equipment? The Latte Mint version matches my kitchen very well, so I don’t feel bad if it sits out on the counter all day.

Griffin was a HUGE fan of the bisque! It will now be in regular rotation.

Sweet Potato Bisque

For this recipe, I had previously pureed a batch of sweet potatoes with my Beaba. I did this by cutting up 3 small sweet potatoes, steaming them, then pureeing and dividing into 1 oz. portions (the Beaba food trays are 2 oz. portions, so I filled each only halfway).

For the bone broth, I expanded on my previous recipe by adding carrots, celery, and a small amount of parsley into the crockpot. I also added 3 chicken feet for extra collagen.

In a sauce pan, combine 1 oz. of sweet potatoes with the broth, stirring until combined and hot. Pour into your baby bowl of choice, allowing to cool slightly.

Serve warm to baby. Watch your little one gobble it up!


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