He Spoke His First Word!

This July 4th has been completely drenched. Every fireworks event around Nashville was cancelled earlier today, as the chance of rain continued to get higher. But our neighborhood block party was still in full force.

Frantically getting ready for the dinner party I hadn’t realized I still needed to prepare for, I was rushing around the kitchen with only 30 minutes to whip up a dessert. I had set Griffin down on the floor, and I continued to step over him, walk around him, and turn my back to him as I whisked and measured.

SmileHe began fussing a bit at the lack of attention, then decided to call me. By name. “Ma-Ma!” He yelled in frustration.

He certainly had my attention then!

All thoughts of strawberry shortcake immediately went flying out the window. I swooped down and got right on the floor beside him, hugging and kissing and letting him know how absolutely amazing he continues to be.

Now if he wants my attention he knows how to get it!

Happy 4th of July, everyone. It’s been a memorable one for us!



2 thoughts on “He Spoke His First Word!”

  1. I know that was better than any fireworks display anywhere!!! What an amazing lil guy! Happy 4th of July

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