A Future Guitarist

I know, I know, all babies love music. But I’m fairly certain that Griffin realizes there’s something special about this instrument. He can’t get enough of the guitar!

The ironic thing about these pictures is that I would love to be able to entertain Griffin by playing, but I don’t know how. Why is this ironic? Well, that’s my guitar Jeremy is playing.

Before we were even dating, we went and purchased this instrument together. We were living with a group of missionaries in Colorado Springs, and Jeremy was going to teach me to play. I had the brilliant idea that if he could instruct me on something, we would get close. I also asked him to teach me to ski.

Well, I may have never learned more than a few chords, and my skiing ability is subpar at best, but we began dating within weeks. Jeremy is a great teacher, but I wasn’t interested in pursuing my studies. It’s amusing to remember this while seeing our son playing with that same guitar!

I guess you could call it a product of my ingenuity, but I’m coming to see it as God’s sense of humor and impeccable storytelling.


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