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Turns Out Eggs Are To Blame

I thought I was being safe when I served Griffin egg yolk on Monday. He didn’t seem to want much of it, but I assumed he was simply still full from his breakfast.

Fast forward an hour and a half. He had seemed to be stirring, and since we had an appointment coning up, I needed to hurry and feed him again. But when I looked in the crib I noticed his hair was wet. Then I saw the large puddle he was laying in. Flipping him over, his poor little face was covered in vomit. It had also soaked his clothes.

Needless to say, it was a repeat performance of last week, with the exception of the emergency room visit.

This time around, I knew what I was dealing with – although that didn’t make it any easier. It also didn’t help that I was overrun with guilt for having fed him the food that caused all this to begin with.

The next day was filled with many more naps and poopy diapers. He was so tired, as you can tell from the picture.

Honestly, I’m still shocked that egg yolk had this kind of effect on him. All the research I’ve read indicates that it’s supposed to be so easy for tiny bodies to digest. In Griffins case though, we will be waiting until the year mark before we attempt this again.

So why has this only now started? Not only did I eat my weight in eggs during pregnancy, but I still eat them on a daily basis (or at least I did up until two days ago). To be on the safe side though, I’m going to lay off the eggs, as well. That way his body can completely detox from them and hopefully we can reset come December.

On a similar note, I think we’ll be looking for a new pediatrician. When I called to let them know what had happened, the nurse replied by informing me that they usually tell parents not to give eggs at such an early age, and that at the least I should have offered the white portion, not the yolk. What?! This office has zero idea about nutrition for babies. Previously, my doctor told me I should maybe only offer one yolk a week, because there was too much fat and cholesterol.

Next she’ll be telling me to start giving him skim milk.


4 thoughts on “Turns Out Eggs Are To Blame”

  1. Oh no! Poor Griffin!
    I’m relieved that you have figured out what truly happened to your precious Griffin last week, but sorry that he had to be sick again for you to figure it out. Food allergies/intolerances are no joke! It’s so frustrating; I totally understand you! I have recently taken dairy out of my diet after my son’s reaction to yogurt. Before he started solids, I had no reason to suspect that his system couldn’t handle it yet and so it was definitely a part of my diet. It’s CRAZY how reputable sources of information contradict one another with regards to solids, isn’t it?
    With regards to the egg white WT…!?! Research shows that egg allergies are caused by egg WHITES (and the reason why people who allergic to eggs can’t even eat the yolk because there is no way to be sure that there is no white in the yolk) so I don’t see why the nurse would encourage you to try those.
    Anyway, I hope you don’t get hit with anymore surprises food-wise, they SUCK!

    1. I can only assume that nurse has no idea what she’s talking about, which really scares me for the other patients at that office! Most people don’t do the research on baby’s first foods and just blindly trust their doctors – I’m so glad I didn’t choose to listen to her!

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