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7 Months

7Months2This month has been so full of firsts! It seems that after he hit the six month mark, Griffin has developed by leaps and bounds every single day.


7Months12This little boy can now sit up unassisted. Not for long periods of time, and I have to be right there to monitor any wobbles, but he can stay up for 30 seconds at times without anyone’s help.

7Months13Not only can he roll from back to tummy now, but he is sleeping in many more positions. I’m not sure if he just favors sleeping on his side now, or if during sleep he can’t muster the energy to flip all the way over. Either way, he is settling himself, and that makes me smile.



He’s much happier to play on his own than he was last month. Just this morning I was able to do 30 minutes of yoga while he played on a mat beside me. He talked to his animals, discovered sounds he could make with the rattle, and watched his momma contort herself into some very strange positions.

7Months6He is now making so many more noises, including his new favorite – screeching! Yes, I have a screamer on my hands. Mainly he does it when something isn’t quite going his way. At this stage in his life, I have no idea how to correct that (and if it’s even possible). I read that speaking firmly to him would help, but he responds by interrupting with yet another shriek!

7Months11Of course, this last month has been full of new foods, as well. Hands down, his favorite is avocado, egg yolk, and pears with coconut oil. Here’s the rundown of everything he’s tried so far:

  • Egg Yolk
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Bone Broth
  • Sweet Potatoes with Bone Marrow
  • Pears with Coconut Oil
  • Carrots

7Months8I ordered the Beaba Babycook Pro and have been cooking up a storm ever since. This machine is an all-in-one wonder! I readily admit to being a kitchen gadget junkie, but this one is well worth it even if you already have a food processor or fancy blender like a Vitamix. It steams, purees, and reheats all in one very simple machine. The clean up is SO much easier than when I was lugging out the food processor and then heating everything on the stove. I’m in love.

We’re attempting meat for the first time tomorrow! I’m going to puree some lamb I got from a local farmer and mix it with  broth to get a good consistency for him. Wish us luck!




2 thoughts on “7 Months”

  1. Awesome! I hope solids continue to go well. Mine went through a screeching phase (except he did t when he was happy), now, when he’s impatient, he’s taken to coughing. It’s actually rather cute.

  2. He is growing so fast now. I’m loving watching all of his new achievements and discoveries, especially the smiles when he gets so proud of himself! Sweet Memories

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