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First Dip in the Ocean

Although this was Griffin’s third time to the beach in his 6 months of life, it was his first experience actually getting ON the beach! Beach9Every other time had been too chilly for his little toes. He had been to both the Gulf and the Atlantic in Florida, but this time we went to New Smyrna Beach with my family and was able to get those toes wet and sandy.

Beach6I told myself he enjoyed the experience, although his two forays into the swimming pool proved less successful. It wasn’t that he hated it – he just wasn’t sure what to make of it. And he really didn’t like having a very wet, very cold swim diaper on. It had to be changed immediately each time!

Beach11I just loved putting different outfits on him – being there for almost two weeks meant I had to make sure he had plenty of clothes to model! But considering I’ve spent months accumulating summer outfits, we really didn’t have anything to worry about other than the space everything took up when packing.

Griffin definitely had the biggest suitcase (although I confiscated a little of that space, as well).

Beach2We stayed with my parents, as well as my brother and sister-in-law. Most nights were spent making sure the little one’s nighttime routine stayed as close to normal as possible. We purchased local seafood and cooked in – we even bought a blender and made our own frozen cocktails. Because my parents drove down we had plenty of room in the back of the Subaru to pack an entire bar setup!

BeachThey also brought my brother’s guitar, and he entertained Griffin the entire vacation. This child is completely over the moon for guitars! He can’t keep his hands off of it when someone is playing, and insists on being part of the action. The condo was filled with music at all hours of the day.

It turned out to be such a relaxing time, mostly because we were forced to slow down and take each moment as they came. A different experience than we are used to, and something I look forward to in the future, as well.


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3 thoughts on “First Dip in the Ocean”

    1. He was honestly in the water for about 3 seconds, and the sand even less! We were really paranoid about him getting sand in his eyes, so we held on tightly and literally just dipped him into both. We’re going next month though and are hopeful that we can loosen the reigns slightly. How did your experience go?

      1. We’ve yet to go to the beach, but we’ve gone to the pool and my son was cool with that. We also went to the park and when I sat him in the sand he just spread his arms, looked at me as though he had just tasted a lemon and whined at me until I picked him up (not after taking a few pictures though lol).

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