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Svan – The Prettiest High Chair that Ever Was

Griffin will be starting solids in the next week or so.


We’ve avoided shopping for a high chair up until this point, because they all seem so big and, well, plastic. I thought I hated them all, and certainly didn’t want one junking up my dining room.

But that was before I met Svan and a new love affair began. No hulking structure taking up too much space. No garish colors. And no plastic.

I first came upon it on, under their list of the 10 Best High Chairs. The one downside they mention is that the plastic tray isn’t easy to remove, but I can personally contest that – I removed it quite easily!


The chair comes in a few different wood options – we opted for cherry because my husband favored it. I would have been happy with any of them, however! They also have an array of colored seat cushions that I might look into at some point in the future, but for now I really don’t see a need.

Personally, I think it’s pretty just as is!

Dining Room


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