My First Mother’s Day

FamilyUp until this year I’ve never given much thought to Mother’s Day. Perhaps until you yourself are a parent, it’s hard to fathom the importance of such a holiday. Sure, I honored my own mom each year. We took her out to eat, gave her a gift, thanked her for all she had done over the years…but this year it was different.

This year I KNEW what she had gone through.

I understood late nights, sleepless days, and moments of panic.

Yesterday I felt loved as a daughter more because I am now a mother, myself.

The day was a celebration of me being a mom, but it was also a celebration of Griffin’s life – the person who made me a mom.


My husband showered me like I couldn’t have imagined. Saturday afternoon he asked if I wanted my present now or that night. Not being one to hold off on opening a gift, I requested it right away. And it was so appropriate that I did! Tiffany and Co. was commissioned to design all the jewelry for the new movie Gatsby. They released a small collection for sale to the public, and Jeremy picked out a beautiful pearl necklace for me!


F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite authors – his book, The Great Gatsby, sits on my bookshelf with well-worn, dog-eared pages. And Jeremy had already purchased two tickets to see the movie for that day.

With my new necklace as the foundation of my date-night attire, I channeled the Roaring 20s to go to the theater. We stopped and got treats from Whole Foods (which I concealed in my purse), and then indulged in a movie I had been looking forward to for ages. Following that, we recapped the movie at a restaurant where the two of us always celebrate special occasions. We wined and dined, then picked up our little baby boy and went home to prepare for a Sunday filled with relatives.


The day was perfectly as it should have been.

My mom came over to help with lunch before everyone arrived. She gave Griffin the attention he craved as I popped things in and out of the oven. My Brother and Sister-in-Law arrived right behind my dad, and Jeremy’s father came and sent us all Jeremy’s mom’s love.


Uncle Marty

The afternoon was spent eating brunch and listening to my brother entertain Griffin on the guitar. Finn’s giggles are the best, and just one more reason to love being a Mom!



3 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day”

  1. You are the most Amazing mom and daughter I have ever known. It’s a blessing to share these sweet memories with you.. and to share the pleasure of being a Mom on Mother’s Day! xo

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