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Weekend Family Time

Weekends are the best, aren’t they? Even though I no longer have a normal nine-to-five, I still get excited when Friday rolls around. Weekends mean date nights, dinners out, and Griffin time with both parents.


I think Griffin already knows that weekends are special. When else does this child get so pampered, after all! The grandparents watch him while we go out, which means lots of cuddles during playtime. It also means a change of scenery from the same ole thing at home. Not that it could ever get boring when Daddy is at home.



He is loving playing airplane, taking leisurely strolls around the house and yard while being held, and practicing sitting up while on someone’s lap. Now that he can bring things to his mouth smoothly, he’s more interested in books, as well. Those bright, colorful pages are just waiting his slobbery signature to be stamped all over them.

Family Time

As far as personal time with him goes, I’ve been attempting to be more intentional when it comes to his playtimes. I’ve caught myself checking something online, eating, cleaning, or trying to finish one more chapter of a book, instead. Although we hardly ever have the TV on at our house, there are plenty of ways to get distracted – even if its folding towels!


Are you intentional with your baby? I worry that he is going to see the phone glued to my hand and begin to associate it with time away from him. Does he see my eyes glued to the small screen as he looks up at me while eating? Does he wonder what I’m so preoccupied with that I can’t lock eyes and share a special moment? I certainly hope he never feels like some piece of technology swallows all my time. I’m hoping I have plenty of future chances for the laughter that airplane brings.



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