Baby, Baby Fashion

5 Months

Saturday marked Griffin’s 5 month birthday, and with it came a slew of subtle new abilities!


He can now take my hand and put it in his mouth, is a pro at grasping at toys, makes the most adorable range of coos and gurgles, and – perhaps my favorite – is kicking his legs up and then rolling off to the side.


One step closer to rolling from back to tummy!

He loves kicking and moving when he’s playing on his back – it seems he is always trying to master a new skill. There’s no idle playtime for him; like his daddy, he always wants to learn.

Yesterday we went shopping in downtown Franklin for a baby dedication invitation. He loved riding in the stroller, but tired quickly in the store. Typical male!


Is that hat not the cutest thing ever? I can’t get enough of tiny little boy clothes, and the bigger he gets, the wider my options. I’ve found a brand that I absolutely adore – Mini Boden. I’m pretty sure I’ve bought out their entire summer season. Now to just get him out of the house more often to show off all these cute outfits…

Next month will be the half-year mark. I can’t believe it’s practically here already! We’ll have to have a proper celebration – anything for an excuse to celebrate this little one’s life!


1 thought on “5 Months”

  1. It’s Amazing how fast he is growing…and Ohh My Goodness how cute is that hat!!? Enjoy every minute of this precious lil guy..I know I am!

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