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Rolling Over…and Over and Over

Griffin has discovered that if he rolls over in his crib he doesn’t have to sleep.

This revelation came last week, and has kept me running upstairs ever since. Taking them two at a time, I reach his nursery in hopes of getting to him before he makes the roll. If I can stop him, he won’t fully wake up and will usually go right back to sleep.

He’s too quick for me, however.

Judging from the grin he gives me when I reach him post-roll, it’s pretty obvious that he is proud of his accomplishment. I’ve tried a few different tactics to prevent this, but usually I’m faced with a wide awake baby and an adorable grin.


How can I possibly tell that smile that he needs to go back to sleep?

Somehow, I make myself. I’ve implemented The Baby Whisperer’s “Pick Up/Put Down” technique for when he gets tired of being on his back and starts to make a fuss. This is when he wants to go back to sleep but can’t get back onto his tummy. He’s very similar to a little stranded turtle in this way! So, when he starts to cry I go in and pick him up, calm him down, and immediately put him back in his crib. He doesn’t like this one bit, but it’s a sure way to (eventually) get him back to sleep.

This happens in the middle of the night now, as well. Usually just once or twice, but enough to have me climbing those stairs and picking him up, just to put him down again. I’m going to need to invest in a good pair of earplugs because the boy has definitely found his voice. My ears were ringing a few nights ago, after I had continued to pick up/put down, pick up/put down.

He’s starting to understand the concept, though! He doesn’t roll quite as much as he did – at least not in the crib during sleep time. My hope is that he will learn to sleep on his back or side, but it seems he’ll be learning to roll the other way before that day ever comes.

In the meantime we are practicing quite hard during each play time! He thinks it’s a very fun game, but mommy is determined to have him learn, as well!



3 thoughts on “Rolling Over…and Over and Over”

  1. I feel ya! Though my son isn’t rolling over yet, I’m struggling with getting him past the 45 minute mark for naps. If I go into his room too soon, he wakes up upon my arrival and takes forever to be coaxed back to sleep. If I get into his room too late, he’s wide awake and all smiles and still takes forever to be coaxed back to sleep.

    1. The 45 minute nap thing really stresses me out! There are SO many possibilities as to why he’s waking up at that time, and it seems that no matter how I tweet the routine, something is off!

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