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Spring Break Travels

We’ve settled back in after 10 days of traveling. What an adventure that was!

Beach Outfit4

This was Griffin’s first airplane ride, and certainly his longest stint away from his own bed. At least by staying at Jeremy’s parents’ beach home, he had a comfortable environment that didn’t overstimulate him like the crowds at the airport did.

We then drove three hours from there and went to Disney for a few days – now that was a different experience!

At the beach we were able to keep him on the same routine he’s used to – I even pretended there was no timezone change although we were in Amelia Island, Fl. This worked like a charm for us! He kept to his three hour schedule like we had never left home.

Beach Outfit1

Among the items we packed were a few bottles of the milk I had been diligently saving, as well as the breast pump for good measure. With this – along with some strategy – Jeremy and I were able to have a few nice date nights.

Nana and Papa couldn’t have been happier to stay in!

The weather proved more temperamental than Griffin, however.  It was either cold and windy, or warm and rainy, so we cuddled inside with lots of reading material and toys. I had some Honest Company sunscreen shipped to the condo, but it certainly didn’t get used during this trip!

Beach Outfit2

When we headed south to Disney, the routine decided to head the same direction – quickly downhill.

The car ride was relatively uneventful, save for the last 30 minutes or so. Griffin wasn’t able to sleep much at all in the car seat, so his arrival to the hotel proved a hungry and overly tired one. We decided to chuck the day’s plans and just allow him to rest up for the evening ahead. Dinner at the Grand Floridian turned out to be a great experience – when he got fussy one of us walked him around a bit, and I fed him in the lobby of the hotel while listening to an orchestra play from the second floor above me.

I didn’t even mind the sideways glances I kept getting.

Beach Outfit5

I had hoped to be able to make it to a theme park and get Griffin’s picture taken with a few characters, but he had other plans. Friday was very similar to Thursday. Me and the little one decided to stay in the hotel once again while everyone else went over to Epcot and walked around the Flower and Garden Festival. He was so tired that he literally slept almost the entire time they were away! I was more than happy to let him rest up – after all, I have been to Disney over 20 times and this was the in-laws first time.

I wanted them to get the best experience possible so that they would want to come back!

Beach Outfit6

Dinner that night turned out to be very good, as well. We traveled to Animal Kingdom Lodge, I nursed in a darkened corner by a fireplace, and then he finally fell asleep in Papa’s arms before we tucked him into the stroller. He napped long and well while we all enjoyed some dinner and wine!


Traveling home was as could be expected. He did his very best, but simply didn’t understand why I was forcing him to nap in different places, and eat at different times than usual. The next few days were a process of recovery, but today has been a breakthrough! He’s been the happiest baby, sleeping well at night and napping for long stints during the day in between sweet play times with mommy.

Beach Outfit8

I have to say that Disney with an infant is hard! Hard enough that although we’ve booked a stay at the Polynesian Resort for July, we’re debating whether or not to go. I think the next month or so will really be a period of development for Griffin, and a great time for his parents to evaluate when that first time to a Disney park should be – both for his enjoyment and ours!

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