4 Months

Happy Birthday!

4 Months3

This little guy is now four months old. He’s rolling over, holding his head steady, reaching out for objects, and doing great with his sleep time. He coos and practices sounds, can keep weight on his legs for a minute at a time, and scares his parents with how quickly he’s developing.

4 Months

To his momma, he looks as if he’s doubled in size. Apparently, not! According to other babies he’s still a tiny one – judging from the growth chart at the doctor’s, anyway.  I’m not sure those charts are accurate, though – I couldn’t imagine the car seat getting any heavier at this point!

4 Months2

Three days ago we went in for his 4 month checkup. Things went really well, even though he had to get another shot. We’re doing an alternative vaccine schedule, meaning that he doesn’t get as many each time he goes, although we have to go more often. He’s a trooper about it – I was so proud that he only cried for a few seconds! As has been the case every other time, he’s spent the last couple days sleeping more often, building those antibodies.

Speaking of doctors, I’m pretty sure ours thinks I’m a little crazy. Her file probably contains notes about Finn’s momma, reminding her of the basket case I am where vaccines are concerned. And that’s OK. Because it’s true. She usually just smiles and nods when I ask questions about the shots – I research too much and read too many articles. She knows this. We have a mutual understanding with one another.


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