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Top Products for a New Mom

There are some things that I just can’t live without. Put me on a deserted island, and I’m going to insist on some mascara. Well, perhaps it’s not that extreme, but these blonde eyelashes of mine need a little color. In terms of what I truly couldn’t live without, then materially speaking I have to have books in my life. That may be about it.

But then there are those items that make life oh-so-much-more enjoyable. Mascara, for one.

I’ve discovered that as a new mom, some things really help make the day a brighter place. Some essentials didn’t make their way onto this list simply because they were obvious (nursing pads, sports bras for nighttime, etc). The products featured below aren’t in any particular order – each holds a special place in my heart. Without them, I’m just not sure Finn would like his momma very much.


1. Keurig Coffee Brewer– This contraption has been used every single day since Jeremy gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I generally only drink half-caf, and it usually takes me about 4 hours to drink one cup of coffee (with multiple trips to the microwave between Griffin’s meals and naps), but it’s an invaluable piece of equipment in the White household. Jeremy isn’t a coffee drinker, but he loves Earl Grey tea. While I certainly miss the sound of the kettle whistling, this is quick and efficient – exactly what we need as first-time parents!

2. iPad – Reading has taken on an entirely new look for me in the past 3 months. I used to be a real book snob – you know, I wouldn’t download anything because the sound of pages turning, the feel of a book in my hand, the SMELL of ink on paper…it was holy. Well, I still consider it as such, but I now have a new found respect for eReaders. I am able to balance the iPad on my lap and nurse the baby at the same time. Griffin is a slow eater, which means that I am in a chair for 45 minute stretches multiple times a day. With the Kindle app on the iPad, I can read entire books and simply turn the pages with the touch of a finger. I’ve gone through about 10 books in 14 weeks. Not too bad.

3. Simply Smooth Xtend Dry Shampoo – I was a fan of dry shampoo before Finn came along, but I now have a whole new reason to love it. I’m definitely not one of those mothers who doesn’t shower on a daily basis because they feel the need to be around their kids 24/7. But that’s not to say some showers aren’t more rushed than others. I have thick hair – big, course hair that takes over an hour to wash and dry. If there are ways to cut corners so that my hair doesn’t have to be washed every 5 days or so, I will certainly go searching out those corners. This particular brand does a great job, leaving my hair nice and clean without any residue or too much shine.

4. Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings – I’ve touted my love for Lululemon before, but it bears repeating – their leggings are amazing. Before pregnancy I had a few pairs which got worn throughout the entire 3 trimesters. I’m still wearing those, and have also accumulated 3 more in that 9 months. They look great with riding boots, rain boots, or with some sneakers when going to the gym. They’re so versatile and comfortable that I think them completely worth the price tag they carry.

5. – This website has been a saving grace in terms of both my health and sanity. I love yoga, but since my second trimester haven’t felt like going into an actual studio. My Yoga Online has not only allowed me to keep up with my practice, but it has also helped me to go further in skill level. They have hundreds of videos and dozens of teachers, so I can pick and choose what style I’m in the mood for each day. I typically do a 30 minute video, but there are both shorter and longer practices available. I prefer Vinyasa style, but have delved into several others since signing up for the 9.99/month membership.

6. Therapy Systems Line Tox for Eyes – A lack of sleep during Griffin’s first months left me needing something to cover up some rather pronounced under eye circles. I had purchased this cream awhile back, but came back to it when a real need arose. Combined with my Jane Iredale Circle Delete, this product has allowed me to look like a normal person again, and not the zombie I feared I was becoming.

7. YSL ‘Touche Éclat’ Illuminator – This is a highlighter that not only goes one step further to cover dark circles, but can also be used to touch up other areas of the face. I put it in the creases of my nose, on my chin, and use it to cover up any breakouts. It works better than any other similar product, and also lasts forever (my last stick finally ran dry after 3 years), so the price is actually a value.

8. Anthropologie Button Downs – Breastfeeding has been a completely new experience for me in so many ways. I never used to think about having easy access to my boobs – now I think about it when I dress every single day. Especially when getting out of the house, I need a top that will not only be quick for nursing, but will also be stylish. Anthropologie has one  particular button down that I can’t get enough of. I have every color and design it has come out in, and would gladly stock up on more. I was never a button down girl in the past, but this shirt isn’t stiff and manly like some can be. The fabric is sheer, the design flowing yet also showing the right curves – I’m in love.

9. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag – I have two diaper bags, but this is by far my favorite. Not only was it given to me as a shower gift by a dear friend, but it’s also functional, yet adorable! I don’t feel like I’m carrying a diaper bag around, and it’s able to hold all Finn and my necessities (and some not so necessary).

10. Theo Chocolate Bars – I’ve discovered I have to have chocolate – perhaps not on a daily basis, but close to it. Theo chocolate is not only organic, but it’s much lower in sugar – and contains fewer ingredients overall – than most other brands. I purchase mine at Whole Foods; they have a really great selection…the darker the better!


What about you? Have you discovered any essentials since becoming a new mom? I know there are plenty more items that could be added to this list!


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