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Milestones and the 6 Week Growth Spurt

Head Up

In just two days time, Griffin will be 8 weeks old.

This hasn’t come without many firsts, but I’ve been a bit behind in posting about them!

Lifted his head for the first time – 3 Days Old

Kept head raised unsupported – 7 Weeks

Rolled Over – 7 Weeks

The last two actually happened on the same day! Luckily my phone was within reach and I was able to capture the last half of the rollover. What a smart boy he is!

I can’t help but be proud of all his accomplishments thus far. This doesn’t even count the many small things he continually does, like nap peacefully, get a diaper change without crying out, or even learn to be by himself without the need of someone to comfort him. He’s graduated from bathing in the sink to his own bathtub, and as I mentioned in my last post, he’s napped peacefully in his own crib.


New Year’s Eve marked his first noticeable growth spurt.

While yes, it does seem that he’s twice the size he once was (at least to his mother), this growth spurt was seen more in actions than physical appearance. I feel it lasted forever, and according to many sources it actually did! For around 10 days we dealt with never-ending hunger. He was fussy and cried out simply because he himself didn’t even understand why he needed so much nourishment. I was exhausted and didn’t feel like I was providing him with enough milk. Jeremy was at the end of his rope, as well – he just wanted Griffin to stop fussing!

The end result was amazing to witness, however. He not only grew physically, but mentally, as well.

It was at this time that he began to hold his head up for long periods, and roll over when I had him placed on our bed during his “tummy time.”

Even the past 48 hours has shown a huge period of maturity for Griffin. His eyes are open wide and he takes in his surroundings with more intensity. We purchased a few infant toys so that he can begin exploring with different senses.

It’s such an indescribable experience to witness a life taking form and a personality develop from the very beginning!


2 thoughts on “Milestones and the 6 Week Growth Spurt”

  1. He is an amazing lil guy!! How could he not be…look at his Mommy and Daddy. I am in awe at what a blessing he is!

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