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Griffin Holloran White

It’s been a week since our first child came into this world. He arrived a month ahead of schedule,Ā  rushing into November so that he could join his momma with a birthday this month.

Griffin came into the world with open eyes, weighing 5.7 pounds at 18.25 inches long.

A full head of strawberry blonde hair.

Gorgeous lips.

The cutest nose of any baby in the world.

Everyone fell instantly in love, attempting to photograph every precious first moment of his life.

He stole my heart with one look of his eyes – eyes that stared in silent contemplation just moments after he came into the Wide World.

Griffin Holloran White was able to leave the hospital just as a full term baby would have, and we arrived home on Thanksgiving evening with a baby in tow.

He’s calm, quiet, and full of contemplative looks. He cries only when he needs something, and we rush to his side to care for him.

The birth story and other details will emerge within the coming days – for now I simply wanted to introduce our son to his new world.


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