A Father’s Post – Sitting in Front of Beauty – Waiting for Our Son

I would like to introduce myself to Amanda’s readership – I am the one that thinks Amanda is the most beautiful woman in the world, I am the one whose breath stops when she looks at me, and I am the one who is now looking into her eyes as she labors to birth our first son – I am her husband. She has shown amazing courage, poise, and patience as she goes through the scariest moments in her life and overcomes those moments with a maturity I’ve never seen, a confidence in Christ that is resolved, and a power that has inspired me as I see her coming into the woman that God has created her to be – a mother.
We have watched the clock tick away the moments of nervousness and pain mixed with joy and anticipation. Eighteen hours in the making and we are making the memories as we wait for our Boy, our gift, a treasure that makes our family more complete. My eyes drift from the eyes that I love without end and the waves and patterns and the beats that signify the son that is mine. In hours we will all look at each other as a family. More to come – more adventure to be had, for I know that from the moment that I meet you my boy an adventure would surely happen and a life of love would be had. IT is just a perspective from a father, a husband, and a man that is blessed and overwhelmed, trusting and afraid, humbled while encouraged – and all the while in love.


Please pray for health in all manners of the word. More to Come…more to come.


Truly I am, Amanda’s husband at your service,

Jeremy White


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