33 Weeks

What a jam-packed week this was! The painter finally finished with the nursery, so we’ve spent much of the weekend deciding what should go where. Not that the process is anywhere close to being done, but we’ve at least made a dent!

In other news, I had my second baby shower! This picture was taken just before we left – it was such a fun evening! I already have some photos of the event, so I’ll be posting a recap shortly!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 33 Weeks

Size of Baby – Pineapple – Now that’s a fruit I understand! Another website said Durian Fruit, but I have no idea what that actually is.

Gender – Boy

Total Weight Gain – No Updates

What I Miss – Sleeping the night through without waking up in a full-out sweat!

Cravings – Nothing new to report on the food front.

Symptoms – Night Sweats, more Braxton Hicks, and a full feeling after eating only a few bites of food.

Maternity Clothes – I’m hopeful that I can reach full term without any maternity pants – we’ll see what the next three weeks bring!

Worst Part of Pregnancy This Week – Sleep has been evading me, but that isn’t the worst part. As I mentioned above, waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat is not a picnic! It’s actually quite disgusting.

Best Part of Pregnancy This Week – Being surrounded by such sweet friends! I love my girls, and they were right there with me yesterday as we celebrated Baby White. Afterwards, we all went to a new restaurant in Nashville and had a great time laughing!


2 thoughts on “33 Weeks”

  1. Time is going by very quickly, in no time we will get to meet little boy White! You are going to be such an amazing Momma : D

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