32 Weeks – 8 Months!

Sorry about the picture…we’re attending a costume party this evening and I’ve yet to begin with my makeup!

I absolutely cannot believe I’m 8 months pregnant. It’s scary to think that Baby White could literally be here in just over a month! We had a doctor checkup on Wednesday, and things are certainly progressing. She said that full term for me would probably be 36 weeks, but they (obviously) want to see me get to 38 or so. I’ve been having so many Braxton Hicks contractions just in the last few days though, it seems he is getting me ready to go!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 32 Weeks

Size of Baby – Squash…although no specification on the type. I’m thinking Butternet perhaps? Either way, he now weighs 3.11 pounds!

Gender – Boy

Total Weight Gain – 6 Pounds

What I Miss – Getting to stay out late! That costume party I mentioned above? Not sure how long we’ll be able to be out and about.

Cravings – Sugar, Candy, Treats, and Chocolate. Oh, that’s all the same category? Well it’s Halloween, after all. I’ll be glad when the mini-size candy bars disappear!

Symptoms – Tons of Braxton Hicks contractions. In fact, we had to leave the theater in the middle of a movie last night. Jeremy got nervous when I told him the tightening was happening pretty frequently and began timing them – they were two minutes apart! He called the doctor, who insisted I immediately guzzle 24 ounces of water and lay on my left side. All was well after that!

Maternity Clothes – I purchased my shower attire, but nothing came from the maternity store. Just fun, slim-fitting dresses and sweaters to show this baby off!

Worst Part of Pregnancy This Week – Definitely missing out on the ending to Cloud Atlas. From what I saw of it, I give it two thumbs up, however!

Best Part of Pregnancy This Week – Realizing that I have 3 showers within the next coming weeks. I am so blessed with friends and family that already love this child!


12 thoughts on “32 Weeks – 8 Months!”

  1. 6 pounds?! haha…I got a toe that weighs that much! I think I gained 6 pounds in my first month! If you don’t have make up on in this pic, I don’t think you need any! You are just as pretty and radiant as ever.

    Baby White already weighs a pound more than Ashton (LesLee’s second son) weighed when he was born. He’ll get here just in time to celebrate Christmas…how exciting! How excited are your parents? Is this the first grandchild on Jeremy’s side as well?

    1. Margaret, you’re hilarious! And thanks so much for the sweet compliments – I need them right about now! I’m so glad to know LesLee has a healthy child who weighed about this much. It certainly makes me rest easier at night!

  2. You are quite simply Beautiful! Baby White is going to be here before we know it…Can not wait to see him! 🙂

  3. Awww I can’t believe you’re 8 months and you have such a cute little bump. I was quite petite when I was pregnant too but I felt huge !! Not fat, but that bump was so big compared to me! Do you get that !?! Anyway, sounds like you’ve got a busy week ahead of you with all the showers so make sure you get some rest in between.

    1. I completely know what you’re saying!!! I feel absolutely enormous some days – especially depending on what I’m wearing! Black has been my friend. When I look at myself from the front, at least I don’t only see a huge belly!

  4. What a sweet time in your life. Congrats to you and squeeze that little squash for me.

    Just stopping by from The Wiegand’s, sweet Casey’s blog, to personally invite you to join me for An Aloha Affair; a sort of end of week gathering and mingling and growing together. I’d love to have ya, stop by anytime…


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