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30 Weeks – BabyMoon

We just returned from our BabyMoon last night!


Let me just say that going to Disney is perhaps one of my favorite things. Going to Disney while pregnant put an entirely new spin on it, however! One of our favorite nights was Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Me as the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Huntsman


Jeremy was definitely the best Pirate in Disney that night! We made quite the pair of Villains

You’ll see from the pictures that we really went all out! And of course, Baby White made his presence known, as well!

I know I skipped a Week 29 update, and Week 30 is a few days late, but our time away together was so wonderful that I simply couldn’t pause to write!

I’ll be posting lots of the fun memories we made in the next coming days, but here is what the week looked like Pregnancy-wise.

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 30 Weeks…7.5 Months!

Size of Baby – A Cucumber?? Not sure how he went from Eggplant to Cucumber, but surely the experts know what they’re talking about!

Gender – Boy

Total Weight Gain – Got an update from the Doc…5 pounds so far!

What I Miss – Riding roller coasters! The preggo-safe rides were fun, but we both missed singing along to the songs in Splash Mountain!

Cravings – I could have really went for a chocolate-covered, Mickey-shaped Rice Crispie Treat in Disney! However, I settled for ice cream and other forms of sugar. Sugar was my weakness this past week, unfortunately.

Symptoms – Braxton Hicks contractions! I had no idea that was even what was going on…apparently it’s been happening for months now! Even at that, this week they happened pretty frequently – to the tune of several a day. It’s nothing painful, and really amounts to my stomach getting rock hard all over. Jeremy could feel it every time it happened, and of course Googled it to see if it was the baby or something else.

Maternity Clothes – This week I wore Bella Bands any time I had on a pair of jeans. While I’m still in my normal pants, they aren’t being buttoned or zipped now, and the band really helped to keep my britches from falling to the floor!

Worst Part of Pregnancy This Week – Sore Feet! I couldn’t believe how tender, and even a bit swollen, my feet would get from a day of walking the parks.

Best Part of Pregnancy This Week – Taking Baby White to Disney, getting pictures of him in our favorite spots, and getting to venture into the Baby section of the shops!!


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