Glucose Testing

Today was the big day.

I had practically begged the doc not to make me take the Glucose test that all pregnant women are “supposed” to take, but alas, I was unsuccessful. I thought I had a decent case – I don’t want my baby exposed to that much sugar at one time! What she told me was that the other doctor in the office makes her patients take twice the dosage that mine does. I was appeased, at least somewhat.

Luckily, they had fruit punch flavor! The first sip was deliciously sweet – I was happily surprised! Unfortunately, after about three swallows, that sugar really starts to taste like pure syrup. With a belly ache, I finished off the bottle in the 5 minutes they allow.

I’m a bit nervous about the results. Not that I think I’ll have gestational diabetes – far from it. What I’m worried about is that somehow my lack of sugar intake will throw the results into a tailspin. With no grains in my diet, and a sincere desire to allow sugar to be an indulgence and not an everyday part of my diet, I wondered what my blood would tell them.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat my share of sugars – whether it comes from fruits, vegetables, or the occasional dessert (on weekends and some weekdays). But I certainly don’t eat the amount I see so many pregnant girls taking down in mass quantities. From soft drinks, to candy bars and milk shakes, I would be freaked out if I did that! Surely my baby would come out requesting chocolate – not breast –  milk?

I have a few days to wait on the results – the blood work had to be drawn exactly one hour from the time I finished the fruit punch. Hopefully I’ll pass with flying colors!


5 thoughts on “Glucose Testing”

  1. Did your doctor offer a reason for forcing you to take the test? I ask because both times I’ve been pregnant, my midwife has presented it as an option and neither were bothered when I didn’t want it since my risk is very low:

    I’m always a bit ticked when doctors pressure people into tests that might not be necessary. Let alone ones that involve disgusting sugary drinks that probably don’t prove much and have a false-positive risk if you aren’t a big sugar consummer.

    1. Those were my thoughts exactly. The didn’t give too many details, other than that it wouldn’t effect me or the baby unless there was something wrong. Although I still had my misgivings, she at least put me somewhat at ease with her statement regarding other doctors and their dosage requirements. I wish I had been more assertive, but I didn’t have a midwife to guide me in making a different decision!

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