Third Trimester – Some Internal Relocation

Well this explains my shortness of breath!

Not really sure if my baby is hanging out in a similar position, but it seems his feet are poking about around my ribs at times. I certainly didn’t realize that my liver is now hiding out behind my boob, either!!

Take a good look at this picture – where is the stomach? It’s listed…but labeled as part of the small intestine, as if it’s given so little room as to render it virtually nonexistent!

This also explains the multiple trips to the loo at all hours of the day.

But, what the illustration fails to explain is the reason for the extra fat roll drawn under this poor momma’s booty.


2 thoughts on “Third Trimester – Some Internal Relocation”

  1. I SO remember the feeling!! Ouchies after mealtimes, yes?! Embrace the middle of the night pottie trips – they really do prepare you for getting up with baby (well, minus the crying 😉 ) Congrats and good luck on delivery day. 🙂

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