28 Weeks – 7 Months!

Jeremy snapped this shot as we were walking out the door last night, on our way to chaperone a high school homecoming dance! Nothing makes you feel more matronly than being pregnant while surrounded by gorgeous girls in short, tight dresses. Oh well, at least there was a chocolate fountain! It kept me occupied when I wasn’t pondering over the dance moves the kids were doing – a generation certainly makes a difference to your perspective!

I finally hit the third trimester, and am welcoming 7 months of pregnancy with little issue! A few new symptoms, but nothing too major. But bring on Fall and the cooler temperatures, please!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 28 Weeks

Size of Baby – An Eggplant! Now this is something I can understand

Gender – Boy

Total Weight Gain – No Updates

What I Miss – Having more than one glass of wine on a date night. It’s very hard to sip on one drink the entire evening!

Cravings – Pork? I really wanted bacon yesterday morning, so we went to Whole Foods and grabbed some breakfast off the hot bar!

Symptoms – Crazy nose bleeds, and trouble breathing. Seriously, this child had his feet on my esophagus during class Wednesday night. It seems to only happen after I’ve eaten, as if there’s just not enough room for everything (which, in a sense, there isn’t!). Eating smaller portions more frequently has helped this somewhat. As far as the nose goes, the blood seems to be coming at random times of the day, and in full force. Yesterday Jeremy and I were walking out of the nail salon (we both got pedicures), and I had to get him to rush into the nearest fast food place for napkins!

Maternity Clothes – Not yet, although the homecoming dress situation was a bit of drama for about 5 minutes!

Worst Part of Pregnancy This Week – Definitely the breathing issues

Best Part of Pregnancy This Week – Nesting! It’s so much fun to decorate the house my baby will be living in!


4 thoughts on “28 Weeks – 7 Months!”

  1. You look so good for 7 months!!!

    I’ve just hit the point where I pretty much exclusively have to wear maternity! It’s really hard to feel attractive in elastic waist bands. Lol

    1. So true! I’ve been living in yoga pants…I thought about wearing them to the homecoming dance! Surely with heels I could dress them up? 🙂

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