Disney, Pregnancy

A Disney Halloween – Pregnant Costume Ideas?

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll be heading to Disney World for our Baby Moon. It’s now less than 3 weeks away!

I think we’re going to purchase tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Few things sound more fun than dressing up and trick-or-treating throughout the Magic Kingdom all night long! Add to that a haunted parade and Disney Villain fireworks show, and you’ve sold this pregnant lady.

My one dilemma is the costume situation. Jeremy and I could dress up as virtually anything under the sun, but the question surrounds my preggo baby bump. What would be cute, yet appropriate, for a festive evening at Disney?

I searched online, and the only decent idea I found was going as a pregnant Padme from Star Wars, with Jeremy being young Darth Vader. Coming up with things myself, I tend to think a little too risque – Pregnant Alice and the Mad Hatter? A pregnant mermaid and Jack Sparrow?

If it’s not that, it’s simply characters that are….a bit round in the middle. Winnie the Pooh, Ursula, or maybe the Queen of Hearts. While I’m certainly not limited to Disney characters alone, I find myself gravitating in that direction.

The photo ops for this event will be incredible. I really want to include some in my maternity collection! So whatever we decide on has to be REALLY good. Suggestions? I’m up for anything!


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