To Baby White: Feeling You Move


You and I have now shared the same space for over 6.5 months. We’ve certainly bonded in that amount of time – you learning to love the foods I eat, me allowing you to occupy my body. And within the last month, I’ve begun to feel you moving around in your temporary home even more than ever. It’s been exciting! I can just picture you snuggling in, getting cozy and ready for a nap after that big meal I ate.

Two nights ago you did something a bit different, though. No longer a gentle nudge or swift little prod to let me know you’re there, but a…swiggle. Will you allow me to use a made-up word? Yes, you swiggled inside and both your Daddy and I felt it!

It happened only twice, but you definitely turned inside of me – no doubt making yourself as comfortable as possible as I lay on my side attempting to do the same. We’re a team, you and I, but you certainly made me feel as though I had snakes crawling around in my belly, if only momentarily.

I expect more of these type of actions in the next few months. If you don’t mind, I would adore a bit of warning next time. Your dad and I would both appreciate it.

Love you more and more each day!

Your Momma


3 thoughts on “To Baby White: Feeling You Move”

  1. I love it… He is going to be the sweetest little boy ever.. I have absolutely no doubt!! I can not wait to lay eyes on this amazing little guy! 🙂

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