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One Week in the Life of a Pregnant Grad Student

What a week this has been! After getting back from the beach Tuesday night, it was a whirlwind of reading and finalizing a paper before class Wednesday night. When the time rolled around to head to school, it took everything within me not to email the teacher a sick note. I was exhausted!

But thoughts our Baby Moon ran through my head, and I knew I couldn’t spare an absence for such a silly reason as exhaustion. With that in mind, I made my way first to Whole Foods to pick up an early dinner, and then straight to class to sit out the next 2.5 hours of lecture.

Somehow within the next month, I’m going to have to write two short papers and have a presentation ready to be presented the day we return from Disney. Who knows how that will get done, when I have fun things to distract me such as planning a nursery!

Speaking of nursery plans, a designer came out on Thursday and helped me choose new wall colors for the house, as well as picking out some beautiful blues to deck the walls of the nursery. We settled on everything from the living and dining rooms, to the ceilings and even some Marie Antionette-inspired wallpaper for the master bath.

I love shades of white!

That brainstorm of home decor really got me in planning mood, so Jeremy and I went and completed the Baby registry yesterday!

Registering, by the way, is perhaps the most daunting task imaginable. You thought your wedding registry seemed difficult when picking between one china pattern and another? Try looking at bottles and nipples that have very little difference at all!! Speaking of bottles, we chose to do glass, so that at least cut out some of the guess work. Target only carries Evenflo, and Babies R Us no longer carries any at all!

That seemed to be a trend with us, actually. We weren’t able to add some things weren’t able to the registry at all. Jeremy and I both want to use very natural products, so we’ve opted to purchase our own baby care products such as shampoos and diaper creams, as well as the diapers themselves. For this, Jessica Alba has an amazing line of products called The Honest Company, and we’ll be stocking up very shortly! Her baby care line seems top notch, but I also really love Mambino. I currently use their Body Toning Oil and Belly Butter, so I would really love to try the baby line of products, as well.

I can’t get over the pirate booty my child will have with the skull and crossbones diapers!

I absolutely adore the skull and crossbones design of some of The Honest Company’s diapers!

Oh, and speaking of purchases, the refrigerator died while I was in Florida, leaving us with a freezer filled to the brim with bad meat. Although cleaning that out was a nightmare, we purchased a brand new fridge yesterday, which I am in love with! I feel so grown up just saying that, but this appliance really is beautiful, and even has LED lights to brighten your day when you open up the French doors. The price was its own version of a bad dream, but luckily we knew we wanted to begin replacing all the ugly black kitchen appliances at some point anyway.

Gotta start somewhere, right?


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