26 Weeks

Not much difference between this week and the last, but I’m now officially 6.5 months along. I do think within the next month or so I’ll be getting bigger much quicker than I’ve become accustomed to – just in time for Disney! Maybe they’ll give me a room upgrade based on the size of my belly!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 26 Weeks

Size of Baby – A head of Lettuce…or Cabbage. Mon Petit Chou!

Gender – Boy

Total Weight Gain – No updates – probably about the same.

What I Miss – Margaritas with the girls! Went to a Mexican restaurant yesterday for lunch with some friends and watched as they happily indulged in Peach Margaritas. Tea for me, please!

Cravings – I’ve had way too much sugar this week. Between going on a girls’ vacation and coming home to the stress of school, I’ve had a bit more chocolate than is probably necessary.

Symptoms – It was hot and humid at the beach, which lead to hot hands and feet – at times even with some swelling! Also, tired from small jobs like mopping the floor.

Maternity Clothes – The pants are always unbuttoned now, but no maternity pants at this time!

Worst Part of Pregnancy This Week – Needing a nap and not knowing how to take one – I’ve never been a nap person and couldn’t get my mind to shut down in the middle of the day.

Best Part of Pregnancy This Week – Not only feeling Baby White kick more, but actually SEEING him do it a few times!


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